The Woman Behind the Jewelry

Hey everyone!
My name is Charoné & I am the owner, creator and designer of ENORAH Jewelry. What originally started with me making macramé plant hangers & starting my first business two years ago has now led to me becoming a clay maker and starting my second business! In October of 2021, I took a trip down the Tik Tok rabbit hole and found myself attracted to the idea of making polymer clay jewelry. It began as me just playing around, creating random designs just to see what I could come up with to posting them online and displaying them at pop up events where I would have my plant hangers for purchase. When I sold my first pair, I was not only amazed by the reactions I received from shoppers, but I also realized that I may actually be good at this. From there, it became a constant desire to create new patterns and bring all these ideas I was having to life! And so began the story of ENORAH (which is my name backwards, well most of it anyway)! I continued to design and make whatever came to mind until slowly but surely, all of my creations began to evolve and improve to what you see now! Creating ENORAH Jewelry has taken me further than I could ever have expected & I'm glad that I never gave up on what seemed like just another project to keep me busy in the beginning. I've managed to have a featured segment on the local news, get my pieces into two shops and have them displayed at New York Fashion Week with Fashion House ATF. To say it has been an absolute whirlwind would be an understatement, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! From a careered Registered Veterinary Technician to clay jewelry maker. Who would have thought? Definitely not me! I absolutely love what I do & I am so happy and grateful to have come across and meet the people I have along the way. I know that ENORAH Jewelry has so much more to offer, and I want to thank you all for riding this wave with us this far and continuing to show your love and support.


-ENORAH Jewelry